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The MITT 125 GP is a sports car based on the MITT 400 GP-R, so we are dealing with a great-looking frame, which also provides greater comfort to larger riders. The MITT 125 GP Racing stands out, first of all, for its daring aesthetics, in fact it uses the mythical colors that bring back so many memories to fans of the Motorcycle World Championship. However, the ergonomics have been worked on so as not to punish the pilot excessively, since it is also designed for daily use, both alone and with a passenger. The softness of the seat is generous...
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MITT 125 GP-2

The sports car from the European brand MITT whose compact size will delight young riders who want to start in this segment. Aesthetically it is very attractive, especially the Racing version, which uses the mythical colors of the past Motorcycle World Championship and which reveal its sporting orientation. The other version is available in a very striking blue color called Sport Blue. Other common details for both and that determine its sporty character are the exhaust outlet below the tail, its stylized fairing or its small seat. Gallery
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MITT 125 GP Limited Carbono

The MITT sports car with spectacular carbon finishes and an aluminum swingarm. Gallery
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The MITT 400 GP-R is a sports car with a 400 cc two-cylinder engine intended for A2 license holders. Its 41 horsepower propeller offers more than enough thrust to enjoy routes while maintaining the ease of driving that is required in the city. Despite this, it has semi-rings but they are in an elevated position that favors comfort and the seat is located only 760 mm from the ground. The 400 GP-R flees from the radical sporty aesthetic and is more similar to a sport touring car, with a tapered front end that includes double optics and a more voluminous...
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