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MITT Motorcycles bets on classic shapes and the most avant-garde air with the 125 Alpha, a light, minimalist and economical scooter with which to move around the city at will.

With the 125 RT model, MITT has won the hearts of those looking for a scooter with traditional charm, and now completes the 125 cc light urban range and raises the level with a much bolder proposal in all respects: the 125 ALPHA is a vehicle that stands out for the originality of its staging and also for its own equipment of much more expensive models. Those are the keys to his resolute personality.

The volumes of its bodywork are unequivocally purist compared to classic scooters, but the interpretation is very avant-garde thanks to the use of striking LED lighting, both at the front and at the rear. The most characteristic feature of the front shield is the LED boomerang at the bottom, which is complemented by a headlight that also has a horizontal LED strip, guaranteeing excellent visibility in all directions. At the rear, the two overlapping stripes that extend to the side panels also ensure that other vehicles see us clearly.

The platform is also arranged in the traditional way with strips and a small central tunnel that makes it almost flat and makes it easier to position the feet.


It is striking that a scooter of its price offers keyless start, that is, with a proximity system. It has a central roulette for turning on and locking the motorcycle, as well as for opening the seat. And all with the key in your pocket, which makes it very practical and gives the 125 ALPHA a clearly differentiating point, since there is no other classic scooter on the market equipped with this system.

The instrumentation is divided into two parts and sports a frame in a different color to its attractive matte bodywork. At the top, the touch of life is put by an analog rev counter accompanied by a digital speedometer. And in the lower one there is another digital screen in which we can control the other parameters of the scooter: fuel level, temperature, time, battery charge and odometer, as well as all the witnesses.

Under the seat we find a compartment in which an open helmet can be easily housed, the most used in this type of vehicle. And to complement its practicality, it also offers both a retractable hook to hang the bags, and a rear metal structure in the form of a grill that also integrates a handle for the person behind.

It is a very accessible scooter for people of any size, since its seat is located only 760 mm from the ground, something that its small tires contribute to.

12-inch wheels empower you for maximum agility around town without compromising stability. And this allied with a very light weight of only 108 kg. make it an infallible weapon to combat traffic, taking advantage of the smallest spaces thanks to its compact size, both in width and length.

For that, it has a Euro5 engine with almost 10 HP of power that moves the MITT 125 ALPHA with great ease in the heart of the city, its natural habitat thanks to its excellent handling. The use of electronic injection ensures reduced consumption that will make the 6-liter capacity of the fuel tank valid.

The braking system is entrusted to a combined CBS scheme supported by two discs to guarantee effective retention, especially when both discs are activated by acting on the left lever.

It is sold in four colors. Black, white, blue and pink/grey. And all its charm is enhanced by the recommended retail price: €1,945, which also includes free insurance for the first year.

More information at info@mittmotors.com